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Asma abdullahi

14 March 2022

Meet Asma, an intern from KCL Civic Leadership Academy. She has a background in working for a local community organisation for the past 3 years and has now joined the YTM team. Read the post to find out more about why she wanted to join the movement and why Asma is passionate about improving the education system for young people.

Why did you want to become a member of the movement?

I did not know of YTM before but after some research I was intrigued by the movements mission for diversity on charity boards. For me this stood out as important for young people who should have access to more predominant roles in boards as their contribution is valuable. With every young person comes a different positionality which provides a different perspective and outlook.

By sharing experience and knowledge, boards can achieve much more. I would love to learn and engage more with the charity sector with a focus on access and reformation of the education system. Working at YTM, will give me an opportunity to gain more understanding on trusteeship and how to make becoming a trustee a more accessible opportunity.

What do you hope to achieve whilst being with the movement?

Whilst being at YTM, I would like to further develop my skills in another field of work. I have previously worked with other organisations that work to improve access and opportunities with their community. I would like to improve my skills by actively participating in more active and creative roles. I hope to explore the influence charities have on the education system and the approaches taken to reform it.

I would like to provide the perspective of a young person on these issues and be able to give a different point of view and maybe even have an impact on improving the approaches and solutions already in place. This goes hand-in-hand with diversifying charity boards which I think is the first step to improving outcomes of their approaches. As a YTM intern, I am willing to learn how this organisation runs on a day to day basis and support their campaign on diversifying charity boards by doubling the number of young trustees. Overall, I am willing to learn more about the charity sector.

Why are you passionate about your campaign focus?

I am passionate about reforming the education system.

By education I not only mean what is taught in the curriculum of schools but also the environment it is taught in. In the UK 1 in 6 children have mental health problems. In schools, children are not explicitly taught about mental health and for this reason this may exacerbate the child's problem as they don’t understand what they are feeling and do not feel right within themselves. This will then affect their education. Education does not just include subjects taught at school but should also include knowledge of the world. Young children and adults should not only be taught subjects specific to attain their degree but topics such as mental health, self-defence, first aid and time management etc.

To summarise: I am passionate about what is not being taught in the current curriculum, I hope to explore this passion during my time at YTM connecting with others in the movement working around this issue.

Interested in learning more about why I value the improvement of the education system, check out these useful links below:

Education & Development Trust - School improvement in London: a global perspective

This resource provides information on the successes of students and schools in London. It also pinpoints “potential transferable components” from these success stories which can be applied  across other schools in London as well. The aim of the research report was to identify factors that improved the transformations of school and therefore the education system.

Package to Transform Education and Opportunities for Most Disadvantaged

This article from the government website describes several new missions that will reform packages and resources to students to help them fulfil their potential.

Promoting Children and Young People's Mental Health and Well-being - A Whole School or College Approach

This document addresses several factors and areas of improvement in order to promote health and well-being for children and young people. These factors include: leadership, environment and curriculum

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