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Intergenerational perspectives enable better decision making.

Diversity of perspectives are a requirement, not a nice to have for a high-performing board. The Governance Code states that “diversity, in the widest sense, is essential for boards to stay informed and responsive and to navigate the fast-paced and complex changes facing the voluntary sector. Boards whose trustees have different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and to make better decisions”.

There are many boards who champion diversity and are reaping the benefits of diversity of perspectives. However, when less than 3% of charity trustees are under 30, what is normal is not okay. Given this statistic, charity boards desperately need young people’s perspectives. While our focus is on age, young people are not just part of one demographic, therefore our campaign is part of a wider call for board diversity.

Benefits for boards

Boards benefit from having diverse perspectives, skills and experience in the room - this includes young people.

  • Navigate uncertainty
  • Future proof decision making
  • Bring new and innovative ideas
  • Invest in the future of charity leaders
  • Reflect interests of communities they serve

Benefits for young people

Young trusteeship is an incredible experience that will boost your career and give the opportunity to develop a range of skills.

  • Develop skills
  • Grow your network
  • Learn about governance and understand how the charity sector works
  • Make a difference

Benefits for employers

There is a growing trend for employers to support employees to take on trustee roles. There are lots of benefits to both individuals and the organisation in doing this.

  • Cost effective personal development
  • Employee fulfilment
  • Develop networks in the community
  • High impact corporate social responsibility

Get involved

This movement is creating change - we need you to be part of it. Find out ways to get involved.

Book a Training Session

Join a 1 hour training session to understand the power of young trustees, have a framework to understand how to approach board diversity and take practical next steps.

Join the Model Boardroom Series

Learn how to think like a trustee and engage with governance, all through exciting mock boardroom scenarios.