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Launching 'Board Boost' - The Trustee Accelerator Programme

Grace Jeremy

30 May 2022

A programme that encompasses everything young trustees need to thrive in governance, and for their wider board to create inclusive, accessible practices.

NOTE- This article is about the 2022/23 pilot.

For info about the latest run, please follow this link:

What is it?

The “Board Boost - Trustee Accelerator Programme” takes a comprehensive approach to creating thriving charity boards, through an immersive 6 month programme that supports young trustees’ personal and professional development whilst helping their wider board embed better ways of working. It is aimed at charity boards who already have at least one ‘young trustee’ - a trustee aged 30 or under.

It’s not enough for trustees to just exist on a board,  they need to be able to thrive.

From our extensive interactions with Boards, we always get asked the same 3 questions

  • How can we support young trustees to unlock their potential?
  • How can imposter syndrome on boards be overcome?
  • How can the board create the conditions to thrive?

The answer to these questions doesn’t come from one single fix, but a multi-prong approach. This programme accelerates the learning journey (for both boards & young people)  that usually takes 2 years into 6 months, without compromising accessibility or interactivity. We do this through:

1. A cohort of Young Trustees:

We don’t only give the young trustees governance skills and knowledge, but also support them to apply these new skills in the specific context of their charity. The course is hands on, learning as you go. Some ways we do this includes

  • Multiple real life case studies to work through, so they apply and test their  governance skills in a creative and low risk way.
  • A supportive community of peers, enabling them to connect and support one another through the ups and downs of trusteeship.
  • Each participant leads on a governance project that directly benefits and is relevant to their existing trusteeship.

2. Working with the whole board

We support the wider board to review their ways of working, providing practical structures where the full potential of every trustee's diversity of perspective can be unlocked.

3. Building a board mentorship programme

We ask one trustee to function as a mentor for the young trustee (mentor training is provided). This person will gain transferable mentoring skills and practice, and benefit from the two way learning they will experience.

This course is more than just a grounding in governance knowledge.  This programme is a way to unlock sustainable growth and innovation for everyone involved.

The Practical Bit...

Dates for the Board

  • Course onboarding takes place in July/August. We are offering 2 live dates for the Board diversity and inclusion training, but are also offering this as an online self-guided course which you can complete in 1 hour.
  • Board mentor training will be organised when the mentors are confirmed.

Dates for the Young Trustees:

  • Attend 6 workshops on Tuesdays evenings: 23rd Aug, 30th Aug, 13th Sept, 27th Sept, 11th Oct, and 25th Oct. In the 2 weeks between each session, there will be some self-guided pre-work to complete.
  • After the final workshop, all young trustees will choose a governance project to lead on for 12 weeks, excluding a break for the holidays.
  • There will be a celebration and reflection event at the end of the programme, date TBC based on the cohort’s availability.

What does it cost?

The complete package costs £2000 (discounts are available if your board wants more than one young trustee to take part).

We want this course to be accessible to boards whose charities have any sized budget, therefore we have a limited number of subsidised places which you can apply for.

We are also looking for sponsors who are interested in funding or part-funding a bursary place.

Register your interest to take part by 27th June

Register your interest now in this quick form-

This form will close on 27th June at midday.

When we receive your inquiry, a member of the team will get in touch to discuss the full details and answer all your questions. If your programme feels like a good fit for your board after the initial conversation, we will then guide you through your application.

Register your interest to sponsor the programme

If you are a funder and would like to support a young trustee to participate in this course my offering a bursary place, please get in touch

*Note: we use the term “young trustee” a lot. We only use this phrase to highlight the lack of representation of young people on boards, and to make reference to trustees aged 30 and under who we will be working with. They are trustees like every other trustee.

Free Champion Training

Join a 1 hour training session to understand the power of young trustees, have a framework to understand how to approach board diversity and take practical next steps. New dates are added every month.

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