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Deep Dive: Introducing the New Project

Ria Patel

24 February 2021

Our new team member Ria is launching her project Deep Dive where she will be taking you on a journey of discovery into the different areas of trusteeship. Read on to find out about the project.

Hi everyone, my name is Ria! I’m an intern with the Young Trustees Movement through the Civic Leadership Academy at my university.

I’m starting a project called ‘Deep Dive’! This is a way to get more young people involved with and prepared for trusteeship by unpacking ‘scarier’ parts of trusteeship. I hope to help young people better understand the skills they need to be a successful trustee.

As a person hoping to become a trustee soon, I’ve realised there are gaps in my knowledge and there’s lots more to learn before I start a role as a trustee! I’m hoping to create blogs narrating my journey of discovery as I research topic areas key to trusteeship. These blogs will include, but are not limited to, how I felt whilst doing the research, how I went about it, and what I discovered!

Alongside the research I plan on doing, I’m setting up a Deep Dive Learning Group, for a few aspiring and current trustees, with mixed skill-sets, to come along with me on my journey of discovery. We’ll be having fortnightly discussions on pre-selected topics, with the hope of creating a podcast! I hope this will allow the group to develop skills and reflect on their knowledge of trusteeship.

The First Topic: Trustee Finance

The topic I’ll be starting with is trustee finance. Trustee finance can be a challenging topic, which is confusing to many aspiring young trustees, including myself. I’m on a mission to make topics like this more accessible and understandable for young people, so that we, as young people, can fully contribute the skills we have to boards.

Join Me on My Journey

Personally, I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be a young trustee, as well as developing skills relevant to trusteeship, gaining confidence whilst doing so. However, I’m also hoping that the blogs and podcasts I create will benefit young people who want to know more about trusteeship.

There’s lots more to come and I’m excited to share this journey with you so stay tuned!

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