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Meet Katie - our new podcast host

Grace Jeremy

10 November 2023

Meet Katie, a young trustee and a podcaster passionate about making the boardroom more accessible. Katie joins the team as host and producer of our upcoming 'model boardroom series' project. We’re excited to share her trustee journey and what to expect from our new podcast in this blog.

Katie’s trustee journey

Hi I’m Katie, the new producer for the Model Boardroom Series project! I’m passionate about getting young voices on boards and I hope that this project will give some the confidence to apply for these positions.

I believe that young people play a vital role on boards. They bring a fresh perspective, having different needs and characteristics, and they tend to think of the future more - this is essential for an effective governance system.

I’m currently completing my MSc Society, Environment and Global Change at Swansea University. I grew up in the Welsh valleys and moved to Swansea to study my undergraduate degree in BA Geography. I was elected as Welsh Affairs Officer and then President of Swansea University Students’ Union. It was a multifarious experience and one that has helped shape the person that I am today. Unbeknownst to me whilst campaign for the Welsh Affairs Officer role, upon successful appointment, I would automatically become a trustee (at 21 years old!), and as President I would also be chair of the board! Prior to this, I had no idea what a trustee was or what they did. I was very much thrown in the deep end and had to learn on the job.

After leaving the Students’ Union, I know I didn’t want my journey as a trustee to end. This led me to becoming a trustee of the UK Vegetarian Society, a director of the National Academy for Educational Leadership and a member of the Urdd's International Board.

I’m currently an associate of Advance HE, where I get to work on governance related projects in the higher education sector. I dabble in other freelance work that I’m passionate about such as creating Welsh medium mental health content for Myf.Cymru. Alongside these endeavours, I have produced and hosted two podcasts, most notably Welsh Wednesdays. It’s one of my favourite methods for long form content, where other people can learn when it’s most convenient to them, whether that’s on their commute to work or whilst doing the dishes.

What’s the podcast about?

Young trustees movement is excited to announce the Model Boardroom Series, an interactive multimedia project that will help open up the world of trusteeship to young people!

We have received funding from the ‘Benefact Group Movement for Good Awards’ to pilot this podcast-based series that helps young people grow the transferable skills and confidence to thrive in charity governance.

The ‘Model Boardroom Series’ (MBS) presents a mock boardroom situation, where listeners will understand how issues they care about are connected to governance, learn how to think like a trustee, and have fun in the process.

The series will act as an accessible free resource that can be used by:

  • Aspiring & current young trustees independently; to gain skills, learn the importance of curiosity / asking powerful questions, tackle imposter syndrome, and find their own value as a trustee
  • Educational settings (formal or informal) and youth groups who are supporting young people, by using our resource pack of games in collaboration with the podcasts/webinars to play along.

The series is the invention of some of our wonderful ambassadors/board members, who identified the need to make learning about trusteeship more engaging and playful, after experiencing young trusteeship themselves. We also hope that the format will lend itself to a wider range of young people who are sometimes excluded from such opportunities.

How can you get involved?

We’ll be kicking off this new series in early December  and we’ll make sure to share each episode with you as they come out. If you want to get ahead and be part of shaping the discussions each week, you can join our podcast community. We’re hosting a space on our Digital Hub dedicated to the podcast.

  1. Sign up to our Digital Hub - you’ll get the added benefit of connecting with other brilliant people in our network, from aspiring young trustees through to Chairs of boards, recruiters and CEOs.
  2. Join our Model Boardroom course to follow the latest discussions.

This podcast will be available on  spotify and other providers so you can listen wherever works for you!

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