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#MeetTheAmbassadors: Alice Rath

Jasmin Glynne

10 May 2021

Each week we will be spotlighting one of our amazing 2021 cohort of Ambassadors! This week we caught up with East of England ambassador Alice Rath to discuss trusteeship and her campaign to diversify governance in the healthcare sector.

Alice Rath


Young Trustees Movement Ambassador

Alice is a charity sector Digital Marketer and Youth Advocate. In July 2020 she received a Diana Award for her services to young people in the healthcare and charity sector. At the age of 22, Alice was elected as a trustee for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. As a young trustee, she aims to bring a new perspective to the board and represent the views of young people who’ve been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

How did you get involved in trusteeship?

My journey to trusteeship stemmed from my 12 years at Great Ormond Street Hospital where I was treated for an ongoing rare condition which went undiagnosed. Because of my unique patient experience, I was invited to join their new Youth Forum at 14. This was a unique opportunity to help improve the experience for teenagers at the hospital, based on my own experience.

My volunteering progressed over the years, where I joined the NHS Youth Forum, allowing me to represent healthcare interests for young people at a national level. And then being elected as GOSH Governor, representing patients outside of London.

Whilst working in the charity sector as a digital marketer, I was aware of trusteeship but when looking comparatively at other trustees, I assumed I lacked experience. A few years later, I came across the Young Trustee’s Movement, which gave me the confidence to start applying for Trustee positions. In September 2019 I became a Trustee for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. Having been in the role for nearly 2 years now, I’ve come to realise that trusteeship isn’t just about the number of years experience but the type of experience you have.

What motivated you to become an Ambassador for the Young Trustees Movement?

The Young Trustees Movement played a huge role in helping me become a trustee, so my main motivation to become an Ambassador was to help support the movement that gave me the confidence and support I needed. Having worked with young people within the healthcare sector, I know there are many incredible individuals that should be on boards but most see trusteeship as unattainable. Along with my own motivations, I also wanted to become an Ambassador to help the movement become visible to more young people so they have the resources they need.

What is your campaign focus and what do you hope to achieve with your campaign?

Through my campaign, I’m looking to work with charities within the healthcare sector to support diversifying their governance structure. The main focus of my campaign is to communicate with health forums within NHS trusts, which are composed of engaged young people who are passionate about making a difference. By openly talking about trusteeship with engaged young people, to hope that more will have the confidence and support to join boards as a young trustee.

Why are you passionate about your campaign focus?

My voluntary career has always aligned with youth centric priorities, primarily focusing on healthcare. I have always wanted to represent priorities for young people, specifically to ensure the work is fully representative of service users.

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