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Movement values

Megan Raybould

01 February 2023

We are a values led organisation and strive to centre our values at every layer of the organisation - from strategy decisions through to daily actions.


  • Intersectional diversity of perspectives
  • Young people are safe & can make informed choices
  • Young people lead this movement
  • Collaboration


Our values are imbedded in the choices we make every day and moment. We call these aspirational values, as we will always get things wrong - what is important is that we are centred in, and accountable to, these values.

Empathy & Integrity

How will we do this? Bringing kindness to ourselves and those we work with. Valuing social justice at the centre of all of our decisions. Relationships are better than transactions. Deep-seated change requires networks, allies, and the fresh thinking that comes from working with others.

Curious & Challenging

How will we do this? We approach our work with a curious mind and a culture that allows for a constructive challenge, bringing the energy and fun that is needed to inspire others to create change.

Self-awareness & Nourishment of self and others.

How will we do this? Asking ourselves: What conditions allow ourselves and others to thrive? Am I in a place to receive, ask for, and be supported in feedback? How can I bring my whole self to work and be playful (what do I need to make this happen?).

Free Champion Training

Join a 1 hour training session to understand the power of young trustees, have a framework to understand how to approach board diversity and take practical next steps. New dates are added every month.

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